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We specialize in handling a wide range of commercial construction and renovation projects such as medical clinics, restaurants, retail stores, and office spaces. Our architectural construction and project management experience enable us to complete every type and size of a commercial renovation project within the agreed scope and in a timely manner.  It doesn’t matter if you just want to add a new bathroom facility to your current commercial space or an additional 1500 sq/ft of office or retail space, we work with a carefully-selected team of experienced subcontractors and vendors who have proven their expertise in quality products and superior results that will ensure the durability of your project. 

Every business that we work is different. You may need a temporary facility setup, you may need alternate entrances, accessibility ramps and more. We can address the special concerns required to keep your business operating while we conduct your remodeling project.

Being a versatile company, Mak 7even Renovations is fully capable of handling every project efficiently and swiftly. With a proven track record and 100% success rate, our customers keep coming back to us every time they’re in search of a commercial general contractor.

Commercial Renovation: Service
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