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An addition must integrate well with the existing house, both visually and in plan; with our rounded approach, we look at the entire house and site as we assess the remodeling possibilities. We consider extensions as an opportunity to either enhance the existing style of your home, or give it an innovative and unique appearance. We carefully assess your home to understand how best to work with what is existing, and how this informs the areas of new design.

Mak 7even’s own licensed Architect, specializes in helping our clients obtain all the necessary extensions permit drawings and build their stunning original spaces. Whether you need to remodel an existing space, add an extra room, a new home office, or an additional level to acquire more bedrooms or bathrooms, we will prepare all the necessary permit drawings and submit them to your city or municipality for quick approval.

You can expect quality workmanship from us, together with the equipment and the manpower to construct all type of interior or exterior extension and addition projects exceptionally, promptly and within budget.

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Extensions and Additions: Service
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